Rowya Website Management

Initiated in Dubai, Rowya is the first Arab infotainment video platform providing extensive high-end documentaries and informative videos. Rowya offers its users an access to a world of knowledge that is fit for all tastes and interests.

We created Rowya as a platform for Arabs to gain better understanding of the world through a fun, interactive content. Users can know more about nature, ancient history and the great minds of our time from the comfort of their own home.

Rowya’s content is designed to achieve:
• Building an advanced, extensive library of documentaries of all types.
• Enriching knowledge in the Arab world and providing its society with modern, high-end videos satisfying all interests.
• Attracting Arab youth to rich, balanced and fun content offered both simply and profoundly in an infotainment manner.
• Becoming the destination to search for knowledge videos.