New Media

New Media Group

New Media Group is Y2D Strategic Partner in Saudi Arabia, and one of the early few players who introduced digital media consultancy and services in Saudi Arabia.

Since established in 2008, New Media has worked with many Saudi government entities as well as companies and brands. Its focus on providing high-quality, creative, and focused services allowed New Media to be the long-term partner to some of the top public and private entities in Saudi Arabia.

In addition, New Media was the house for Ajel Electronic Newspaper ( since 2013 and until 2017 when Ajel became a separate company, where New Media is one of the shareholders. During these years, New Media was managing all details related to Ajel with a large newsroom and strong commercial operation. Ajel jumped to become the second local news website in Saudi Arabia in 2015 and still enjoys a very strong position among other local Saudi News Websites.

Furthermore, New Media is a shareholder with Ebda Solutions, a unique company in its ability to provide major media companies in the Arab World with Telecom Value-Added Services. Since it was founded in 2012, Ebda Solutions has served top media brands such as Sky News Arabia, Dubai Media Inc., Dar Alhayat, Abu Dhabi TV, Rotana Group, CBC TV, Manchester City, etc.

Recently, New Media became the exclusive representative of Tango Networks, an innovative technology company in the US, with services that focus on providing communication solutions to companies. Tango Network services are currently introduced to the Saudi market in partnership with STC Group.