Development of Digital Platforms

Since the launch of the company, Y2D has focused on launching websites, mobile apps, social networks, video platforms, and various digital solutions.

Since 2012, our team of web and mobile developers, designers, UX experts & QA professionals were able to deliver various projects for clients within and outside the Middle East with excellent quality and reasonable cost.

Technical Development Services

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Advanced Programming Using Drupal

Drupal Code Optimization and Audit

Y2D News CMS

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Advanced Programming Using Drupal

Drupal has proven to be one of the best open-source content management platforms. The amazingly rich set of features of Drupal CMS

allows clients to create almost any digital experience.
With more than 5 years of experience,Y2D has become one of the top Drupal companies in the Middle East.

We have developed the expertise to create any web or mobile product using Drupal as a CMS.
We have mastered customizing the code based on client’s needs and optimizing the code performance as well as adding social tools to products.
We are distinguished at providing the extremely-easy interface to manage the content on the website or the mobile application.

We are proud partners of Acquia in the Middle East.

Acquia, which has been selected as a World Leader of Web Content Management (WCM), is the mastermind behind the development of Drupal, the leading open-source web development platform. Acquia is also known for its state of the art cloud services.

Drupal Code Optimization & Audit

Like any other open-source platform, there are levels of implementation and optimization. Many companies have built platforms without taking enough quality measures and started to face problems that could be solved easily. Others might want to have a neutral opinion to examine the quality of the programming of a certain product. In order to meet these needs, our consultancy services could:

Study the code of your digital product and recommend a course of actions to optimize its performance and quality.

Audit the operation to build a certain product from an IT point of view and provide a comprehensive evaluation accordingly.y.

Y2D News CMS

Y2D News CMS was launched as a product on multiple devices as website, mobile site, iOS application, and Android application.

Designed to fit the needs of news editors and content creators.
Highly usable for journalists and editors.
Uses open-source technology with full flexibility to modify the code according to client requirements.
Has advanced social networking and personalization tools such as
Personal timeline based on topics and specifications of the user
Hashtag recognition
Rich User Profile
Immediate synchronization between website and mobile apps.
Extensive set of tools to speed up the publishing processes.

Mobile Development

We pride ourselves in offering the most sophisticated and user-friendly iOS and Android applications. Not only can we manufacture your user’s ideal mobile experience, we will also work with you to plan the most effective way to deliver your objectives to your audience through any mobile device.

A mobile application is simply the advanced digital portal of your business on mobile. Establishing your mobile strategy and plan is the first step for a successful mobile application. We follow the best international practices, and we are confident that we will be able to help you with that.

Video Platforms

If Content is King, Video Content is the Jewel of the Crown. This is why Y2D has put special emphasis on its capacity to develop video portals on web and mobile. The following are examples for the video-based multi-device digital experience:

  • Allowing users to view programs in real-time and download them to view later.
  • Allowing users to stream content on-demand.
  • Adding flexible meta-data to video content in order to be able to search video content easily.

Web Administration

Web hosting, security, and administration have evolved so quickly that it became too sophisticated for owners of digital products to manage on their own. That is why Y2D has partnered with some of the top international specialized hosting companies in the world.


We simply could do the following for you:

  • Examine various options available from various providers and recommend the best option based on your requirements and budget.
  • Manage the operation of configuring your website on the platform and follow up with various matters that match your needs.
  • Provide special expertise regarding hosting Drupal-based websites from A to Z.

Drupal Development Case Study


Cultural Programs and Heritage Festival Committee- Abu Dhabi



The committee is responsible to manage a number of large cultural events in Abu Dhabi./ These events represent the core of the cultural strategy of Abu Dhabi. The committee wanted to launch a digital platform where it promotes its activities and produces information of the Festivals as well as Cultural  and Heritage Programs that are managed by them. The platform needs to be high engaging, informative, and rich with content.



  • The official website of the Cultural Programs and Heritage Festivals Committee was developed using Drupal a s CMS.
  • The website offers various services including information, integration with third parties, festivals, events, products, media library and news.
  • Trending design and extremely easy interface to manage the content on the website was a major feature of the website.