Content Marketing

Content Marketing is based on the creation and distribution of content that is targeting a specific audience,

in order to build strong engagement and create conversations relevant to the brand.

Why Content Marketing?

  •  Content has long-term effect on the audience and it could go viral to achieve amazing results in some cases.
  • Content creates strong reputation about the brand, and encourages trust and positive perception of the brand.
  • Content is the fuel of effective social media marketing and the foundation of good online communication.
Y2D discovers sticky ways to tell and promote the essential truth of your company and brand. We offer a range of services that begin with strategic thinking, move into storytelling, and end with promoting your content!

The Road to Content Marketing

Choosing the right content

We help you to identify the content that supports each stage in the buying process for your product or service:
– Awareness
– Evaluation
– Purchase

Defining goals and measuring success

Y2D will help in proving the effectiveness of content marketing campaigns and measure ROI. By providing analytical reports, we help you use insights gained on the first pass through the process to build into the next cycle in the process.

Identifying the right content distrubtion channel

Social media is one of the primary vehicles for a strong content marketing campaign, and each social network tends to target a different type of user with content that fits the nature of the network.

There are three tiers of social media promotion for your content:
– Owned
– Paid
– Earned

Y2D team can design the content strategy that tells you which audience to target with what content. .