About the project

Ajel is a local news portal, established in 2007 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. With over 6 million unique visitors and 25 million visits each month, Ajel is the second most visited local “electronic newspaper” in Saudi Arabia.

We have worked to make Ajel the Saudi news destination on multiple platforms, by developing its mobile app on both iOS and Android platforms, maintaining its SMS breaking news service and managing its twitter account, now with over 1.7 million followers.

Ajel has partnered with Mobili and Zain to launch the Twitter Daily Summaries service. The service offers its subscribers exclusive review of Twitter conversations around the hour.

As a news portal licensed officially by Ministry of Information and Culture in Saudi Arabia, Ajel has been well-known over the years for its continuous balance between its social responsibility and its professional and aggressive news reporting.

The website focuses heavily on covering local and sports Saudi news in addition to reporting major international events.

The brand Ajel (in English: Breaking News) puts responsibility on the on the website team to keep with its promise by providing the breaking news before any other news outlet without hurting the website credibility. In order to achieve that, Ajel has a large network of correspondents all over Saudi Arabia.