Analysis and Reports

We only use best-in-class tools and applications to measure online traffic and behavior whether it’s your desktop website, mobile site, mobile application, social media channel or more. Providing these reports is an integral part of any marketing project we launch.


– Number and Source of Visitors
– How visitors are using your website.
– Average Time On Page
– Calls-to-action (CTAs) Through Rate
– Which search engines and pay-per-click campaigns visitors use.

Social Media Engagement

– The number of likes and shares for the post.
– Audience Growth/ Rate of Followers
– Followers vs. Following Ratio
– Active Fans
– Organic vs. Paid Results
– Audience Demographics
– Audience Mentions

Hashtag Tracking

– How many times the hashtag is used: Stream Tweets Over Time
– How many times the hashtag is viewed: Potential Impressions
– How the hashtag is faring compared to other hashtags: Relative Volume By Term.
– The number of mentions per day for the hashtag.
Which influencers are leading the hashtag